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Gabb Messenger for Kids

Kids are in danger. There is a growing problem of kids being exposed to harmful content, unhealthy interactions, and tech addiction. Gabb’s mission is to protect kids and give parents peace of mind.

This mission led to the development of the Gabb phone, and with this kid-friendly device came the need for a messenger app that would delight kids while keeping them safe — that’s when Squadformers entered the chat!

A squad designed and built this Gabb cornerstone from the ground up, with enthusiastic endorsements from thousands of kids and parents alike! Let’s explore some features…

Gabb messenger for kids splash screen

Squadformers’ engineers developed AI for identifying inappropriate and harmful content, allowing kids to safely communicate while being protected from bullying and harm.

Gabb devices are free of follower counts, web-browsing and other addictive content. Gabb promotes safe and healthy digital habits and provides parents with controls and alerts regarding their child’s digital presence.

Kids can send and receive videos, images, and voice notes.

Squadformers built contact and message management functionality as well. Kids can archive old or unwanted messages.

Features in Action ?

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